What to look for when choosing a Professional Oven Cleaning company?

It can be tricky to know what to look for when searching for a professional oven cleaning company. There is no shortage of oven cleaning companies available, however you will want to make sure that you find a capable and highly professional oven cleaner who will leave your oven looking like new.

Ultimately your final decision will be driven by more than just one consideration, what we look at in this blog is what some of these considerations might be when making the choice of company to clean your oven.


1. Explore the company’s reputation and reviews

One of the most important things when choosing any service, and especially one that will enter your home (and possibly be left unaccompanied), is trust. You will want to be reassured and encouraged that the company you choose is a reputable one.

The most insightful way of finding his out is to look at their reputation, by looking at their reviews, their website and independent review channels such as Google. As the reviews themselves are often third party, this can give you a genuine sense of the service they’re providing to their customers.

TJR Ovenclean for example collect customer reviews and testimonials through Google and Facebook, which are all open and demonstrate to all visitors to our site the quality and level of satisfaction with our work.


2. Check their experience and training

There will be a range of oven cleaning companies, all with a range of training and levels of experience. It is important to check if that the company you are considering has professionally trained oven cleaning technicians and the level of experience they have, all of which has an impact on the quality of the service you will receive.

At TJR Ovenclean we have completed specialist Eco oven training via Dirtbusters a leading training centre for eco oven cleaners, which teaches comprehensively what a technician needs to know when cleaning using eco products, to ensure that all ovens are cleaned to a high standard and using the safest of processes. This ranges from setting up the cleaning equipment, laying out the work area, how to remove the required parts from the oven including the oven door and back plate, the cleaning of hobs and extractor fans, as well as how to seamlessly put these elements back into place once the clean is completed.

This level of training ensures that both we and our customers can have confidence in the level of cleaning and customer service we’re providing.


3. Finding out which oven cleaning materials the company uses

Companies can use a variety of cleaning materials when cleaning an oven, however not all products deliver the same efficiency of clean or high-quality finish desired. To ensure you have your oven shining again at the end of the clean, it’s important to check that the company you are considering are using the right type of products.

The first thing to decide is whether you’re happy to use a company that uses hard chemicals or whether you want to avoid any chemicals entering your household and oven, and therefore desire an Eco oven clean.

At TJR Ovenclean we only use eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products which leave no harmful odours or fumes in your household and our customer satisfaction is proof of the guaranteed high quality finish. Using these materials gives all of our customers peace of mind that we are providing a service which is environmentally friendly and free of any harmful chemicals.


4. Ensure they are capable of cleaning all oven types

The majority of oven companies claim to be able to clean all types of ovens, however one of the crucial questions to check when exploring your considered company(s), is that they have the capability and experience to clean your specific oven type.

At TJR Ovenclean we are fully qualified and experienced to clean all oven types from single to double ovens, free-standing to built in, Range to Agas/Rayburns, either gas or electric etc.


5. Get a feel for the type of customer service they will provide

Any reputable oven cleaning company should demonstrate great service to all of their customers from the first point of engagement, showing professionalism and a sense of commitment to you as their customer.

TJR Ovenclean strives to make all customers feel at ease from the moment they contact us, offering helpful advice wherever possible and going the extra mile to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We are open and honest at all points of engagements, punctual to all appoints (including a friendly reminder the day before to confirm the appointment is going ahead as planned); and talking customers through the approach to the clean step by step before undertaking any of the work. And any follow up queries or requests are dealt with promptly and professionally.


In need of a professional oven cleaning service, why not get in touch with TJR Ovenclean?

TJR Ovenclean is a reputable, Eco-friendly oven cleaning service providing services to Maidstone, Medway and surrounding areas.