The Signs That Your Oven Needs A Professional Clean!







It’s nobody’s favourite task cleaning the oven, but it’s that one cleaning task which needs to be done. A good eco clean will ensure that your oven is working correctly, and it will eliminate the foul odours that can occur when the grease builds ups.

Below are the crucial signs which indicate that it’s time for your oven to be cleaned, and rather than do it yourself, you could save yourself the hassle and call an eco-oven cleaning professional like TJR Ovenclean.

Foul, smells in your kitchen

An awful smell coming from your oven might be an early sign that your oven needs a deep clean. The day to day dirt that has built up inside your oven is unhygienic and potentially harmful. Any spillages or splash backs will also generate a smoke that will taint your food with an unpleasant taste.

Your oven is discharging smoke

If when you turn on your oven you notice that your kitchen fills up with smoke, this is a sign that you have a grease build up inside your oven (this will include the fan behind the back panel for fan ovens). The build-up is likely caused by spillages over time. This smoke is unpleasant and a sign that your oven requires cleaning. Unfortunately, the smoke won’t stop until your oven has been deep cleaned.

Dirt, spills and grease

Grease can become burnt onto the interior of your oven, which is mainly caused by spillages or splash backs (Roasting a joint is one of the most common cause of spillages). As these food residues become increasingly blackened over time, they begin to release chemicals that could be harmful to your health. To maintain the quality of your health and food is to clean up oil/grease each week to keep your oven cleaner for longer.

Your oven is taking longer to preheat?

A dirty oven may not function as effectively or over time lose functionality altogether. If you notice that your oven is taking longer to preheat, then this could be a sign that your oven is overdue for a clean. It isn’t always a warning sign that your oven needs replacing, instead it could just mean that a build-up of grease has interfered with the vital mechanics, such as your fan. This can often be easily corrected by a good clean, leaving you with an oven that once again functions like new.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs then, they could indications that a clean is required You have the option of either completing the job yourself or calling a eco professional like TJR Ovenclean.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how TJR Ovenclean can save you time and get your oven looking like new contact us today.