Oven Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions, we receive at TJR Ovenclean in regards to our professional oven cleaning service from customers in Maidstone and Medway.

1.  How long will it take to clean my oven?

Most standard ovens can be cleaned within one – two hours, range or poor conditioned ovens can take up to three hours.

2. Are the chemicals you use safe for pets and children?

We only use ECO products, meaning no hard chemicals are used. Our ECO products produce no fumes or noxious gases meaning they are perfectly safe to use in the presence of children or animals.

3. Are you cleaning products safe for the environment?

Yes cleaning products are 100% fully ECO, biodegradable and will not harm the environment.

4. How long will I need to wait to use my oven?

As soon as our oven cleaner has finished cleaning, you can use your oven right away. We uses ECO products only which means your oven is perfectly safe to use straight away.

5. Do you remove any parts of the oven for cleaning?

Yes we will clean the ovens original racks, side & back panels, and fan if removable.

6. Do you remove the doors and/or glass?

Most of the time yes, however, on rare occasions this may not be possible, normally this is due to poor condition of seals or screws.

7. Do you stock replacement oven parts?

Yes, we have a stock of replacement bulbs and extractor filters.  Some items may require ordering, depending on the make and model of your oven.

8. Do you clean commercial ovens as well as domestic ovens?

No, currently we only clean domestic ovens.

9. What does your cleaning service include?

We can provide a copy of our checklist used to complete our End of Tenancy and Carpets cleaning services.

If you have a question or like to obtain a free quote in regards to our oven cleaning service, please contact us on 07745546733 or visit our website for more information www.tjrovenclean.co.uk

Self cleaning Tip:

If you don’t want to get your oven professionally cleaned, there are a lot’s cleaning products available in your local supermarket. Please ensure to read instructions carefully as a lot of over the counter products can burn your skin and have toxic fumes.  Wear safety gloves and ensure your kitchen is well ventilated.